Work Remotely

Be mindful

Imagine living and working in a touristic place but without many tourists.

Imagine you’ve found your work-life balance.

You’re staying healthy and mindful, eating fresh and seasonal food, while exercising far from pollution.

Be authentic

You are a traveller, not a tourist.
A consumer, but not addicted to consumerism.
A professional, not a speculator.

How do we create this new reality?

Enjoying such a lifestyle and staying in a beautiful, while culturally rich town is a dream for many remote workers and digital nomads.

Staying Together

Because you’re not looking for new “leads”, but lifelong bonds.

Living Together

Because you’re not on a “business trip”, but at your new temporary home.

Working Together

Because you're not just “working remotely”, but creating new synergies.

Our Slow Living Experiences

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We are launching “LavoraCilento” and “Cilento Ammare”, our first Slow Living Workation Experiences.

Agropoli (Cilento) will be our main gathering point located at just 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Naples by train.



09 – 23

Cilento Ammare


07/11 – 05/12

What to expect

Come and enjoy our first Slow Living Experience and live what you’ve always dreamed about.


A community gathering life enthusiasts who share unique experiences and resonate with each other’s values.


We work and travel all year round, especially in the low tourism season. We believe this is the new smart way of travelling.


A balance between man and nature to counter extreme phenomena in a rapidly and profoundly changing world.

Genius Loci

The Spirit of the Place, the bridge between different cultures, the diversity of thought… which helps to create a richer society.

Slow Living

Not less or unproductive work, but rather a healthy and sustainable way of living that reconnects with the environment around you, regains territory, respects nature and its seasons.

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