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An intelligent solution for remote collaboration in the low season.

Out Quarters (work remotely together) is a web portal aimed at professionals who can carry out their work remotely. The offering of Out Quarters (OQ)- which literally means “outskirts” or “outside of neighborhoods” – consists of short stays, ranging from a minimum of 2 weeks to a month, organized in pleasant locations, away from metropolitan cities and mostly during the low season. 

Let’s start 🙂

Presenting the winning project of the Crea@attività competition promoted by Caritas Italiana is Roberto Leonardi, an expert in cooperation and international development who has lived in various parts of the world for extended periods. During his experiences abroad, Roberto learned to adapt and integrate into different cultures, acquiring knowledge of local languages.

Our first pop-up coliving experience is called LavoraCilento and will take place from October 9th to October 23rd, 2023, in Agropoli at a beautiful accommodation facility that can accommodate around 20 people. The project plans to organize permanent coliving experiences from October to May. Currently, there are 4 local partners who have joined this initiative, and the idea is to promote Agropoli as a preferred destination in Italy for Digital Nomads.

My mission is to create spaces where people feel at home, despite cultural differences. Out Quarters is the result of my desire to combine my passion for entrepreneurship and social responsibility, offering a unique opportunity to live meaningful experiences, develop authentic relationships, and contribute to the regeneration of the territories that host our community” concluded Roberto.

Our goals

Our goal is to allow professionals from around the world to fully discover and appreciate the beauty and traditions of the Cilento region, making their stay an unforgettable experience throughout the year and not just in summer. Considering the gentrification processes that are inevitably taking place in many tourist cities and so-called hotspots for digital nomads, such as Lisbon, Madeira, Mexico City, and Bali, Out Quarters has decided to promote this initiative during the low season when there is a greater need to contribute to the economic and cultural vitality of the region in South of Italy. It can be said that OQ aims to be a movement that inspires its clients to become true actors in territorial regeneration.

Our target audience consists of professionals from Northern Europe who would choose to live and work from Cilento due to the mild winters and significantly lower cost of living. In addition to coliving and coworking, Out Quarters offers a wide range of on-site experiences to enrich the participants’ stay. 

Our values

Through collaborations with local operators, OQ organizes cultural activities, nature excursions, thematic workshops, and much more. These experiences aim to showcase the best of Cilento, allowing digital nomads and remote workers to fully immerse themselves in the beauty and authenticity of the region. The company values are: Enhancing the uniqueness of the place through the Genius Loci (the spirit of the place) – Finding a personal Balance between private life and work by reconnecting with nature – Encouraging a slow-pacedlifestyle based on quality rather than quantity – Bringing new temporary residents during the periods of greatest need (Seasonal adjustment).

This wonderful region is an ideal destination for mature digital nomads and all those who love living in contact with nature and want to work from here, immersing themselves in beautiful landscapes, amidst the green hills and crystal-clear sea, charming villages and wild nature. Out Quarters is currently selecting pioneers for this movement. From today, it is possible to book on this website. Places are limited, so it is recommended to submit the application as soon as possible. 

If you want to be part of this community, join today. 

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